Today, almost every person has an account in one or more social networks. If at the dawn of the development of social networks, the favorites were Vkontakte, Facebook and Twitter, then the last few years, the social network Instagram (Instagram) has been especially popular.

This social network has become popular due to the fact that today almost everyone with a smartphone in their hands can take high-quality photos; placement and exchange of photos to this day is the main focus of the service. In addition, only this service offers the user the widest selection of filters for photos and lots of effects. Instagram is a unique product, its photo-specificity in a short time made this social network one of the most popular in the world and attracted tens of millions of users around the world. Instagram is not just a photo editor, it is a comprehensive service that allows you to instantly upload user photos, post them in good quality and process filters. Instagram has a small distribution, is absolutely free, and you can use it on any mobile and stationary devices. Therefore, these days it is especially important to promote your account on Instagram.

Stories is one of the most popular Instagram features.

Stories or Stories appeared on Instagram just a few years ago and almost immediately became very popular. This function allows you to shoot short clips of no more than 15 seconds. inclusive with photos and videos. Any user can add various text content, tags, emojis and so on to Storys. All content placed in Storis is autosaved in the archive, only the creator of the account can view it. However, he can always post his story in the tape or share it on other social networks.

The features of the story on Instagram are not only that you can hide other people’s Stories, but also hide your own. Many people wonder whether it is possible to hide a user who is watching your Instagram stories. — of course yes! You are not interested in the Stories of a particular person, just press and hold a photo of the person whose Stories you are tired of. Next, you need to select the “Temporarily block” tab in the upper menu that opens, and then select the “Hide history” item. Similarly, you can get rid of other people’s stories directly through the profile of users who are bored with you, the procedure will be the same. If you want to read user stories again, just repeat the above sequence, and at the end click on the “Unlock History” tab for gadgets on Android, and “Show History” for IOS.

Have a desire to hide your stories from anyone? — nothing is easier! Go to Instagram settings on your gadget, click on the “History Settings” tab for Android-based gadgets or “History Management” for iOS devices. Then you just need to select the option “Hide my stories from” and specify unwanted subscribers. By highlighting all unwanted users with a checkmark, you automatically hide your Stories from them, in order to allow viewing, it will be enough for you to remove the checkmarks. But will people learn that Instagram stories are hidden from them? — if they go to your account and try to see, of course, yes. And so, your stories simply will not be displayed in their feed of your chosen subscribers.

If you are interested in who is watching your Stories at all, you can see the relevant information by simply swiping your finger up. If you want to get rid of unwanted viewers, just click on the icon on the right of your menu and select the person you want to disagree with “Hide my stories from” and indicate the nickname of this person or people. In the same way, you can hide places or hashtags specified in your Stories.